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Online Bingo Providers

Bingo is a very popular game among the masses. That is because it is pretty simple to play, but still based on chance, so it possesses an excitement factor. In fact, a lot of people play bingo not for the money they could win–although it does play a part–but they just want to enjoy the game.

When the Internet’s technology improved enough, it is only a matter of time before bingo will be offered online. Besides, it is a promising venture, knowing how many people all over the world love to play the game. As a result, a boom in the number of online bingo providers occurred. There are also more and more people are electing to play online  rather than at the local bingo clubs in their areas.

There are several benefits after all to playing online, one of them having the advantage of playing at your own home anytime you want.

As mentioned earlier, there are many sites in which one can play online bingo. Each online bingo site is bound to be a member of an existing network of websites. Here are some examples of these online bingo networks and what they offer:

Bingo Workz

One of the first-ever online bingo providers to enter the scene, Bingo Workz still retains its spot as one of the top websites to play bingo in. Bingo Workz also has partnerships with other online bingo sites to form a network in which each partner earns 70% of the profits each one amasses.

Bingo Workz features user-friendly and engaging bingo games that everyone will surely enjoy. What makes these games appealing is that they are all based on the Flash software, which eliminates any need to download or install anything. You can just zip over to the site and play.

The most recommended website for the Bingo Works network is BingoFantasy.

Playtech Bingo

Yet another major player in the online bingo scene is Playtech Bingo. Just like Bingo Workz, Playtech operates its own network and offers three business models. It also works on sharing user bases with each other. There is also a model that allows operators to be independent, and to even license its own network to smaller halls.

In terms of games, Playtech Bingo boasts of being graphically superior to other bingo providers. It also has chat rooms where gamers can chat with each other and ask for assistance from the website’s crew.

Aside from playing bingo, there are other ways that a player can earn money from Playtech: they can refer friends and earn referral fees from the site.

The best site to play Bingo in the Playtech network is at bingo7777.

Bingo Entertainment

Last but not the least is Bingo Entertainment. This is a vast network of bingo sites that offer not only bingo, but also other games where the player can try his luck in while waiting for the bingo game to proceed. One of the features of Bingo Entertainment’s network is 24/7 customer support which can come in handy, in the middle of a game if you need assistance. Each site also has its own theme, which then provides for diversity in graphics and offers.

The best site to play at bingo entertainment network is starlight bingo.