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Online Bingo Providers

Bingo is a very popular game among the masses. That is because it is pretty simple to play, but still based on chance, so it possesses an excitement factor. In fact, a lot of people play bingo not for the money they could win–although it does play a part–but they just want to enjoy the game.

When the Internet’s technology improved enough, it is only a matter of time before bingo will be offered online. Besides, it is a promising venture, knowing how many people all over the world love to play the game. As a result, a boom in the number of online bingo providers occurred. There are also more and more people are electing to play online  rather than at the local bingo clubs in their areas.

There are several benefits after all to playing online, one of them having the advantage of playing at your own home anytime you want.

As mentioned earlier, there are many sites in which one can play online bingo. Each online bingo site is bound to be a member of an existing network of websites. Here are some examples of these online bingo networks and what they offer:

Bingo Workz

One of the first-ever online bingo providers to enter the scene, Bingo Workz still retains its spot as one of the top websites to play bingo in. Bingo Workz also has partnerships with other online bingo sites to form a network in which each partner earns 70% of the profits each one amasses.

Bingo Workz features user-friendly and engaging bingo games that everyone will surely enjoy. What makes these games appealing is that they are all based on the Flash software, which eliminates any need to download or install anything. You can just zip over to the site and play.

The most recommended website for the Bingo Works network is BingoFantasy.

Playtech Bingo

Yet another major player in the online bingo scene is Playtech Bingo. Just like Bingo Workz, Playtech operates its own network and offers three business models. It also works on sharing user bases with each other. There is also a model that allows operators to be independent, and to even license its own network to smaller halls.

In terms of games, Playtech Bingo boasts of being graphically superior to other bingo providers. It also has chat rooms where gamers can chat with each other and ask for assistance from the website’s crew.

Aside from playing bingo, there are other ways that a player can earn money from Playtech: they can refer friends and earn referral fees from the site.

The best site to play Bingo in the Playtech network is at bingo7777.

Bingo Entertainment

Last but not the least is Bingo Entertainment. This is a vast network of bingo sites that offer not only bingo, but also other games where the player can try his luck in while waiting for the bingo game to proceed. One of the features of Bingo Entertainment’s network is 24/7 customer support which can come in handy, in the middle of a game if you need assistance. Each site also has its own theme, which then provides for diversity in graphics and offers.

The best site to play at bingo entertainment network is starlight bingo.

Progressive Jackpots and How They Work

Progressive jackpots are some of the things that drive people to the casino. Its lure is attributed to the large amounts of money that a player can possibly win and take home during their stay at the establishment. Who wouldn’t want to bag big amounts of money, after all?

Now what are progressive jackpots? Simply put, the progressive jackpot is a concept. It takes the name “progressive” from the fact that the jackpot grows every time one tries to play a machine linked to progressive jackpots and fails to bag it. The jackpot is won when the player hits or achieves the criteria that govern the jackpot. For example, if the jackpot is a pattern made by pictures of cherries in online slots machines with progressive jackpots working, anyone who is lucky enough to be awarded that pattern by the random number generator wins the prize.

How Do They Work?

In video-based games in the casino, the progressive jackpot system is a series of machines that are linked together through a network. When one plays at any one of these game units and fails to win the jackpot, the amount then increases. Since there are a lot of people playing together at the same time, it is only natural to see the jackpot meter constantly moving up and at great speed. The amount of the jackpot is contributed to by the players, but the “house” also contributes to part of the amount since progressive jackpots are very attractive to the players in the casino.

Progressive jackpots, however, are only available to those people that have played or contributed large number of credits to the jackpot. This means that the more credits you play, the more eligible you are to receive the progressive jackpot instead of the jackpot on that individual machine alone. On the other hand, no matter how many credits you wager on for progressive jackpot machines, you are still contributing to the jackpot for every chip that you put into the device. The risk could be high but playing in the machine that

Where to Play Progressive Jackpots?

Slot machines are usually the most common avenue to build and contribute to the progressive jackpot, but other games may be utilized as well like bingo. The concept is not limited to video-based casino games alone. Other games may also have progressive jackpot concepts working. Examples of these would be traditional table games like Caribbean stud poker. The introduction of online casinos has also led to the development of progressive jackpots for games like blackjack, Russian roulette and many others. 

The progressive jackpot concept is a source of excitement for casino gamers. The lure of winning a large amount of money in return for an investment that is valued at a fraction of the main prize is too attractive to ignore. If you’re feeling lucky and upbeat at the casino, why not try your luck at progressive games? That luck might just be what you need to bag a fortune for that night.

Online Bingo Money Management

Bingo, in general, is a fun game. But you would certainly lose those smiles if you aren’t too careful on how you spend your money. Whether you like it or not, you are still going to “invest” a little amount, which you are going to use to have access to the different bingo games.

Just so you don’t end up on losing all your funds and going broke, take note of these money management tips:

1. Start with free play. Free play gives you all the benefits you enjoy when you pay for bingo games. The only difference is that if you win, you won’t be able to withdraw your prize. Nevertheless, you may want to do this so you can have a good idea of how to play the game and if the online bingo website is ideal for you. It would be a waste of your initial deposit if you’re not going to have good fun in the first place.

2. Know how much you’d spend. Keep a limit on how much you’re going to spend for online bingo. If you’re an avid fan of the online game, you can define a limit for your daily routine. If you used up all the funds, don’t allow yourself to steal the budget you have for the succeeding days. Doing this will have some domino effect, one of which is you’ll soon be “stealing” money for your other needs, such as your bills.

3. Use your debit card, not credit card. Look for online bingo websites that accept debit cards. These types of cards function very similar to credit cards. The only difference is that you will be the one who is going to fund your debit card. Since it’s your own money, you won’t be paying for any interest. You can also make use of e-wallets.

4. Play in chat rooms. If you have time, take time to participate and even play in chat rooms. You could be one of those who will be lucky to receive thousands of points or real cash that you can utilize for your bingo games. Mind you, you can definitely save a lot of money just by being a little chatty.

5. Be attentive. Make sure that you can listen or read every number called. If you aren’t too careful, you could already be “house,” and you don’t even realize it. You will then forfeit your winning.

6. Know how much you can lose. You can also set limits on how much you’re willing to lose for your bingo games. If you’re nearing the amount or you’re already at your limit, you know that it’s time to log out and wait for next time when Lady Luck will be on your side.

7. Make your bet smaller than the first one. Since the odds of winning and losing on the second or succeeding rounds of the bingo game are almost the same, you might as well bring your bets down so you won’t have to be sad over losing a huge amount of money.

Why Do People Play Online Bingo?

Why do people play online bingo? This question, when you look at it, can be viewed in many, many ways. One way of looking at this question is that the one who asked it wants to know why people play online bingo when they can play it in physical or brick and mortar bingo halls. Others may see this question as a way of asking, why people bingo in the first place, when you can play other casino games that are more exciting? These questions can be answered, of course. Rest assured, however, that people play online bingo because it is fun and entertaining.So first: why play online bingo when you can play it in a bingo hall?

Obviously, the answer to this question is simple: convenience. It is far more convenient to play bingo online than at a bingo hall. When you play online bingo, you do not need to go out of your house. You do not even need to change your clothes and dress up. All you have to do this go straight to your computer and play. It’s that simple.

Online bingo also offers some innovations that cannot be done in physical or traditional bingo games. For instance, online bingo sites offer different types of bingo games-from speed bingo to progressive bingo, among others. Speed bingo is a type of bingo that will be hard to do in a physical setting, but the game play of this bingo innovation is so noble it’s a wonder why people haven’t done it sooner. There are also online bingo features that allow players to do other things while playing bingo. Thanks to the auto-daub feature, you can let the cards play themselves when you have to attend to other things. Experts say this is a feature women use frequently, since it allows them to play and multitask.

As for the question, why play online bingo when you can play other online games, the answer is easier: bingo is convenient combination of all the things you enjoy in gambling games. Bingo is a game of chance, there is a little hint of strategy you can use to help you win, or at least help you play the game easily. Bingo is a card game, but it is so simple even a kid can play it. Bingo is simple, but its simplicity is deceptive. It is engaging without requiring you to memorize terms and tactics that are required in games such as poker. It is much like lottery (it is said that bingo originated from French lotto) but it is in slow burn since you get to know your fate slowly.

People play online bingo because billions of people worldwide are playing it. You can play bingo with people from other countries. You join a trend that is taking the world by storm. Online bingo is one of the casino games that focus on entertainment more than gambling.

Online bingo is fun, extremely entertaining, and engaging. What more can you ask for?

All Slots Casino gets in the game with free feeder tournaments

All Slots Online Casino a proud member of the Jackpot Factory Group and a leading online slots casino, sets the bar higher than ever before in its newest slot tournament event, the Grand Slam of Slots, scheduled to take place October 22nd through November 2nd, 2009, with related events beginning today.

Free Feeders Give Players a Chance to Win Their Way to a Cool Million
Players at All Slots Casino will play to win a spot in the final tournament in the casino’s free feeder tournaments. The feeders will run daily, giving players countless chances to win a free ticket to the main event.

There are various styles of feeder tournaments. The Grand Slam Qualifier feeders invite up to 5,000 players to compete during a single five-minute round of play, with final results released at the end of the day-long tournament. The Grand Slam Rush feeders offer more intense action with one-hour tournaments, each featuring three rounds of play. The top winners from each round will advance to win tickets to the Grand Slam of Slots final event. Additional sit-and-go tournaments will offer even more ways to win.

the Jackpot Factory’s Vice President of Player Affairs, said in a joint statement with All Slots Casino, “The Grand Slam of Slots is a truly legendary event, as no slots tournament has ever offered the opportunity to win such a large prize. We’re looking forward to the excitement that this tournament will generate, and to making one lucky player a millionaire.”

About All Slots Casino
All Slots Casino offers top value entertainment on its online and mobile casinos with a generous bonus program and wide array of scintillating casino games. Leading the industry in online slots tournaments, All Slots is one of the foremost slots-focused casinos on the Web. Powered by Microgaming and accredited by eCOGRA, the Casino prides itself on fair play, honesty, and fast payouts.

Responsible Gaming
All Slots Casino is dedicated to responsible gambling and takes its social responsibilities seriously. It is proactive in preventing under-age play and in providing assistance and support to members who develop gambling problems.