Sunsetstrip Bingo Sunsetstrip Bingo is has a variety of games including 90 and 75 ball bingo games, chat facilities, big jackpots and awesome prizes. There are coverall games with guaranteed jackpots, and also the usual games for one line, two lines, and full-house. At Sunsetstrip Bingo you get a cash match 250% welcome bonus and also get £5 free just for signing up Sunsetstrip Bingo!

Online Bingo has fast become the new phenomenon

Online Bingo is the game of bingo played on the Internet. Unlike land-based bingo, which uses real balls and real bingo halls, online bingo reveals its numbers through a random number generator. Players play just as they would in a traditional bingo hall but through a safe and secure online interface. Just like with a normal hall, each player buys their bingo cards and then a number is called with a voice, you can even chose a male or female voice on some sites, the caller calls out the numbers while the system automatically fills out your bingo cards for you (you can manually mark off your numbers if you wish). Its simple, easy & fun. There’s tons of cash prizes to be won on some sites using points, including, vouchers, cameras, sat-navs, phones and much more.

Bingo players love to play & chat to each other too, just like in real life bingo halls. They even have their own language, its called Bingo Lingo and can be quite funny.
Online Bingo has fast become the new phenomenon that really is sweeping the nation, its now the number one leisure activity for loads of people

Each bingo site offers new player a free bingo bonus, this is usually anything around £1 – £21 of free bingo money that is given to you when you sign up. Even if you win a jackpot with the free bingo bonus its yours to keep.

Playing online bingo is not really that much different to normal bingo, if anything its better, with more free bingo offers and bigger prizes to be won. You can play in the comfort of your own home whilst you meet people and its much easier even win with fantastic prizes and cash bonuses.

The best known type of jackpot is probably the progressive jackpot

We all dream of winning jackpots at bingo when we play online; it’s the main reason we all keep coming back to play, that and all the great people you can meet in an online bingo room. What you may not know is that there are a few different types of games and jackpots that you can win in the wonderful world of online bingo. Here the aim is to explain the different types of games and how you could find yourself with a healthy bank balance from playing online bingo.

The best known type of bingo jackpot is probably the progressive jackpot or as some like to call it, the snowball jackpot. These games are generally played in the 75 ball bingo room but you can also find them played in 90 ball bingo as well. A progressive jackpot sees a percentage of each game’s ticket sales being added to a prize pool and the pot continues to grow. To win a progressive jackpot varies from bingo site to bingo site because each has their own number of calls to win in. The average amount of calls to win a progressive jackpot game ranges from about 33 bingo calls up to 50 bingo calls.

Some online bingo sites set a time period for the number of calls required; say one week and then they will increase this number by one per week. Details of an online bingo sites progressive jackpot and number of calls required is generally found in one of the promotional pages of the site you are playing at.

Another type of big jackpot game when playing online bingo is the Coverall games. Many sites play these games regularly over a weekly period and some even offer you the chance to win £1 million. In the Coverall games the prize pool starts at a really generous amount and then decreases when the bingo calls reach a certain number. This is an example taken from one online bingo site offering the £1 million coverall jackpots.

Sunsetstrip Bingo is a popular online bingo hall

Sunsetstrip Bingo is a popular and well recognized online bingo hall that offers its users the most exceptional promotions & rewards on the net.

Online Bingo

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