Sunsetstrip Bingo Sunsetstrip Bingo is has a variety of games including 90 and 75 ball bingo games, chat facilities, big jackpots and awesome prizes. There are coverall games with guaranteed jackpots, and also the usual games for one line, two lines, and full-house. At Sunsetstrip Bingo you get a cash match 250% welcome bonus and also get £5 free just for signing up Sunsetstrip Bingo!

A Big Winner at Bingo Gala 75Ball Progressive Jackpot

The Club 75 hall is popular with players at Bingo Gala offering a range of exciting specials throughout the day as well as the chance to bag one of the progressive jackpots up for grabs: Only a few days ago Bingo Gala member “BingoDuck” walked away (or should I say waddled!) with $5,270 after hitting the progressive jackpot on the “Y” pattern: And as you can imagine, she is the talk of the town right now. Of course there isn’t a player around who wouldn’t have liked to have purchased that lucky card. But that’s the thing with Bingo – It’s all about luck and that can strike anyone at anytime. Who knows, it just might be your turn next! All you have got to do is join in.

There are FOUR progressive jackpots available in the Club 75 hall: The Nickles, Dimes,Quarters and MEGA progressive jackpots regularly reaching thousands of dollars. The Dime Progressive jackpot can be won in the Party Dimes special. These special dime ticket games are played every day between 12am and 1am; 4pm and 5pm; then 7pmand 8pm (EST). The Dime Progressive is also available during the Delirious Dimes games which are scheduled everyday: from 2am through to 7am then again at 8am until 9am (EST).

The Nickel Progressive jackpot is available every day from 9am – 10am (EST). In the ‘Speeding Nickels’ special tickets are just 5 cents. Bargain! The Nickel Progressive jackpot can also be won in the Super Nickels and Classic Nickels specials. Classic Nickels runs everyday from (10am to 11am EST): Super Nickels is also daily but runs in the evenings from 11pm-12am (EST).

The Quarters Progressive is available in the Club 75 room from 1pm until 2pm then again in the evening from 10pm until 11pm. Tickets are half price during this special – just 12c each! If you are feeling flush then take a shot at the MEGA Bucks PJ. Tickets are $1 each, the minimum payout is $100 and the MEGA Progressive Jackpot J starts at $3K. The MEGA Bucks special games run from 8pm until 9pm every day. With so many progressive jackpots and bargain ticket games on offer every single day at Bingo Gala you could say, you are onto a winner… so go win!

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Online Bingo holds social importance

Bingo Social Network is now becomes very popular. Despite its continent wide popularity, bingo the popular game of numbers, dabbers and letters remains a relatively stigmatized and understudied social phenomenon. Speaking to a group of Congress delegates Wednesday, Jeff Dudar, a master’s student in sociology at the University of Regina, explained that bingo is “asocially social,” as presented in his thesis entitled Under the ‘B’ourdieu: Social Networks in the Field of Bingo.

What social networks exist in the bingo and if these networks extend beyond the game, what bingo means to a bingo player. Social networks developed by bingo players are characterized by anonymity players can be part of a crowd while playing what is really an individual game.

Of course, the social draw of bingo is undeniable. Players talking and laughing with each other. The social nature of bingo is unique. Indeed, someone would cry at the bingo hall and her fellow players would give her the time and space to grieve.

To the skilled player or the natural with numbers, bingo might be an easy game. And the game’s ease seems to be its attraction. Part of what keeps people coming back to bingo is a need to do something.

New promos Launched at Wink Bingo

Wink Bingo has a huge surprise and all will be revealed right here! This online bingo site has a lot of new exciting bingo games and promotions, all in time for the festive season this year. Bingo players at this wonderful internet bingo site will find lots of new opportunities to win pots of cash and other exciting prizes. That’s why we all play so much online bingo after all!

Wink Bingo now has a fat guaranteed jackpot every day of the week. Every night Wink Bingo will be hosting a nifty guaranteed jackpot bingo game where you can win a neat pile of cash. There are cool prizes too in these new jackpot games, all designed to make playing the online bingo games at Wink Bingo a complete treat! Win anything from £150 to £10000 here in these new guaranteed jackpot games. Find them all in the shiny new games lobby at Wink Bingo.
There is a hot new guaranteed jackpot game every night at Wink Bingo. Start off the week in the Monday room at 9pm with the 75 ball bingo guaranteed jackpot of £500. 10p a card, pre buy your bingo cards and don’t miss the first jackpot game of the week.

The Tuesday room hosts a £1,000 guaranteed jackpot game at 9pm. 25p a card, pre buy is an option again. This is a 90 ball game so the riches are split like this – 1 line wins £150, 2 lines wins £300 and the full house nets you a cool £550.
Wednesdays are different. Play 90 ball bingo with a twist. Win prizes instead of the usual cash in this weekly jackpot. Get a £50 iTunes voucher for 1 line, an iPod Nano for 2 lines and grab an iPod Touch if you hit the full house first! Play the Booty Call every Wednesday at 9.15pm in the Wednesday room at Wink Bingo.

The week is nearly done. Thursday brings another 75 ball bingo jackpot. Win £500 guaranteed in this bingo game at 9pm in the Thursday room. Bingo tickets are 10p each. Buy as many as you can, at 10p each you can buy plenty! The more tickets you have the greater your chances of pocketing those £500.

Fridays have always been exciting at Wink Bingo and things are as exciting as before. Play the brand new 90 ball bingo jackpot game – there’s £5000 in the pot! This big bingo jackpot is perfectly timed for the weekend. Split the bounty at £1000 for 1 line, £1500 for 2 lines and £2,000 if you get the whole lot. Play for this bingo jackpot every Friday at 10pm in the Friday room. Game cards are £1 a pop.

The stakes are high on Saturday too. Play 90 ball bingo for a £2,500 jackpot. The game plays at 9.30pm in the brand new Saturday room at Wink Bingo.

Wind up the weekend on a high note with the Hidden Treasures game on Sunday at 9.15pm. Win cool gadgets and goodies in this weekly treasure hunt at Wink Bingo every Sunday.

There’s a new monthly jackpot game too. The Monthly Moola will be played on the last Friday of every month starting January 2010, at Wink Bingo. This 90 ball bingo jackpot game has a humongous pile of money for you to win, £10,000 to be exact! Win £2,000, £3,000 and £5,000 for 1 line, 2 lines and the full house, respectively.
Come play these exciting new guaranteed jackpots every day at Wink Bingo – there’s more than £50,000 up for grabs in cash and prizes!

How to Get Online Bingo Bonuses

Online bingo is known for being a convenient but exciting and sufficient alternative for playing the traditional card game. However, besides being that, online bingo is also known for a few other things. Among them are the bonuses and incentives you can get from playing online bingo. Contrary to what you may think, these bonuses and incentives are actually legitimate; they serve to entice customers as such yourself to avail of their services. But you don’t always get these bonuses immediately. Depending on your service provider, these bonuses and incentives can only be availed through special means and promos. So how do you get these incentives? How do you get these bonuses?

And how do you make sure that you can fully enjoy these incentives?

For one, you should make sure that the service provider you got offers these incentives. Although majority of the online bingo service providers give start-up bonuses, a number of these companies do not. These bonuses are merely add-ons, so you should not choose a service provider with these incentives as your basis. Nonetheless, it is possible to get amazing service and amazing add-ons. Getting these bonuses is only one of making sure you get the best value out of your money.

Many providers also give bonuses when you buy credits or load money into your account. Study their bonus packages and take advantage of this. For example, many companies offer bonuses when you load a certain amount into your account. Load the required amount if you will use up that much money in your games anyway instead of loading up small amounts more frequently. This way, you get more value for your money—and you only have to load money into your account once.

Take advantage of free games as well, even if they may not offer the monetary rewards other games may offer. Many service providers offer free games with minimal prize pots. If you are new to the service, you should try these free games first before you dive into the pay per play games. This way, you will have the chance to learn the system and game interface more before you actually risk actual money. In a way, use free games as practice. Make sure your service provider offers free games. It may not be the bonus you are looking for, but it definitely offers some major bonuses that can definitely work to your advantage.

There are tons of online bingo bonuses and incentives out there, in all shape and forms. However, what you must always remember is that these bonuses should never be your only basis when choosing an online bingo service provider. The main function of these services, after all, the offering players like you the opportunity to play bingo at home. Before anything else, the service provider should be able to fulfill their main function first, bonus or no bonus. That said, it wouldn’t hurt if your service provider offers incentives. You deserve it, and these can definitely be useful in the long run.

Non-Download Bingo and Download Bingo: Which One Should You Pick?

Bingo is an extremely popular card game, attracting millions and millions of players all over the world. Therefore, it’s not surprising to see an influx of new players. New players have it easy, since practically everything is provided for them—from the numerous range of online bingo game providers to the different types of bingo games available at one’s disposal. What isn’t handed on a silver plate, however, is the choice between a non download or a download bingo game service.

Basically, online bingo providers offer two types of bingo games: download and non download bingo. Non download bingo, as the term already suggests, allows people to play online bingo without having to upload or install a program. This type of bingo allows one to play online bingo through the web browser using a Flash-based program. On the other hand, download bingo obviously requires the player to install a program, provided by the game provider. In the end, these types of service provide the same game; what differs is how—or, more specifically, where—the gamer plays the game. So with this in mind, is there really a difference between non download bingo and download bingo? And which of the two should beginning players pick?

Many hardcore players prefer download bingo, although those who chose non download bingo aren’t too far behind. Download bingo requires less bandwidth since the gamer plays using a program rather than a web browser. Also, many players think that download bingo offers more options compared to non-download bingo. However, this isn’t true; non-download bingo may seem single, but its range is also sufficient enough to please even the most hardcore bingo player. The main advantage of download bingo is a smoother operation; users won’t see their game hindered due to slow Internet connections.

However, what non-download bingo acts on what the limitations of its download counterpart. Since it is browser-based, the game can be played anywhere through a computer or a laptop—as long there’s an Internet connection. With download bingo, you need a base computer where you play bingo; with non-download bingo, location is not a problem. Also, due to the limitations of the web browser set up, non-download bingo often has a simpler interface. But simple interface does not mean simple (or lackluster) services. Non-download bingo can offer any basic service or feature download bingo provides.

So, what should a beginning bingo player pick among these two? In the end, it’s really a matter of preference, since both types of bingo game offers practically the same game. However, non download is more apt for beginning players. Due to the simplicity of its general design, the learning curve wouldn’t be so steep. The ability to play through web browsers also means one need not commit to one bingo game provider. Non download bingo is ideal to players who simply what to check out what online bingo can offer. Of course, if they end up liking what it offers, they can stick with the provider. Non download bingo is a simple but sufficient service every type of bingo player would appreciate.