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Bingo Room Series of Bingo 2009

Bingo Room has improved this year’s tournament concept to give each player the best opportunity to Win Big and make his or her mark in this lucrative event! As always the WSOB is a yearlong event with monthly qualifier events that lead up to an End of Year Finale held on New Years Day 2010, worth over $25,000! Each month you will be required to win a W, an S, an O and a B pattern to qualify for the End of Month Tournament Qualifier. These patterns will be scheduled in several different rooms. Some patterns are harder than others to win, which will require you to review the Bingo schedule to allow you to develop a solid strategy for victory.

Once you have won these 4 unique online bingo patterns all you have to do is make sure you have met the minimum monthly deposit requirement of $250. Any cash outs within the month do not effect your qualification for this monthly event.

On the first Sunday of each new month we will host a 4-hour Tournament Qualifier starting at 6pm EST. The first three hours will be a mix of Quarter Card games with Mystery Jackpots. The final hour of games will cost just a Penny for 50 cards and a chance to win Jackpots ranging from $150 – $500.

Each of the first three hours will run a minimum of Five (5) WSOB patterns. Your objective is to win as many of these patterns as you can as each win earns you an additional base on your way to get to home plate! If you are lucky enough to in win 4 WSOB patterns in any or all of these events and have met the monthly deposit requirements you are then qualified for the 2010 New Years Day Event worth over $25,000!

If you qualify for the $25,000 New Years Day event early you are still eligible to play in every monthly event as long as you win the required patterns and meet the requirements listed below.

Requirements for the Monthly Qualifier Tournament

  • Players are required to win a W, an S, an O and a B pattern during the given month.
  • Players are required to deposit a minimum of $250 between the first and last day of the month.

Rules for the Monthly Qualifier Tournament

  • Players must play all 3 hours of Quarter games and play a minimum of 10 cards per game to be eligible to keep winnings from the final penny-hour.
  • Players joining the event late will be required to make up for any missed games by buying extra cards for remaining games. This is at the discretion of management for each event.
  • Players who do not adhere to the minimum card requirement will forfeit any bases earned in the event. We strongly suggest you pre-buy cards in advance to ensure you meet the card minimums.
  • Players are required to have at least 4 WSOB pattern wins in the Monthly Qualifier Tournaments in order to earn a seat in the $25,000 New Years Day Tournament.
  • Players who do not meet the $250 minimum in any month after qualifying for the $25,000 New Years Day Tournament will forfeit any bases earned and will need to re-qualify from the beginning.